What is Silent disco

DoItALL Entertainment brings you the most state-of-the-art party packages you can ever experience.. And now the team introduces The ALL NEW DoItALL Silent Disco! Technologically superior from the competition, this brand new system is a HI-FI RF headphone system where up to 3 DJs/Audio Elements can play simultaneously on color-designated channels directly to each wireless headphone! The listener can switch and choose to which color-channel to listen with full volume control. The headphones have a 360° LED color band that glow to the color that’s being listened to live, so every person knows which channel people are jamming to!

Compared to standard systems, the DoItALL Silent Disco can transmit on a higher than average radio frequency range that brings full, complete sound. So every user can feel the sound coming through their headphones.


Standard RF Systems DoItALL Hi-FI RF Sytems

Frequency Ranges

(Sound Quality)

Low Range Only

(400-500 MHz – limited sound quality)

Low/High Range Option

(Up to 900+ MHz – Full Sound Quality)


Design Style


Minimal inner padding torn and worn fabric

Oval sound plates

Plush leather 360° padded fabric

Round sound plates


LED Lighting Style

(The Look)

Lights on sound plates ONLY

Low light emitting

360° LED band on Sound plates and top band

High light emitting


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